Most Recent Poll Block


The Poll module includes it's own Most recent poll block.  This block does not have any enhanced configurations but does have some unique display features that are built in.  If you need detailed information on basic block configuration, please review the Blocks section of this book.

Most Recent Poll Block
most recent poll block with "do you plan on using Drupal in the future" question and "Yes", "No", and "Not Sure Yet" as choices

Cast Vote in Block
vote cast in most recent poll block

Get Results in Block
standings shown in most recent poll block

The Most Recent Poll block is a handy tool that allows your audience to participate in the most recently issued poll on your site right through a block.

Once the user casts a vote, the results are displayed within the block.

Only the most recently published poll will show in this block, but when the results display, there's also an Older polls link provided at the bottom of the block that your users can follow which will lead them to all of the available polls on your site.