Accessing the IMCE File Browser


Accessing the IMCE file browser is, unfortunately, not a completely straightforward process.

To get to the IMCE file browser, do the following:

In your browser's address bar, type the word "profile" after your site's root.  Typically the site root in a URL is very similar to the site name.  For example, here on CWS Training, the word profile would come after the word "training": ex: http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/profile.

Entering this URL into your address bar will take you to a list of all users on the site.  Locate your username and click on it.

word profile added after site root in browser address bar and user list

You will be taken to your user profile page.  Click on the File Browser tab.

mouse arrow clicking on file browser tab

You will then enter the IMCE file browser.

imce file browser with directories and files