Feeds Display

The Feeds Display module is an OSU module which has been conceptualized and developed by Central Web Services lead Drupal programmer.

Historically, to consume feeds, a Drupal site builder either had to use the Feed Aggregator, which has limited styling capabilities, or the site builder had to use a variety of different PHP code snippets.  The use of the various PHP code snippets often would lead to issues in updates and troubleshooting, or in the cases of custom code, it could even compromise the integrity of the Drupal site.

Using Feeds Display, an advanced author or an administrator can quickly pull in feeds from four of the most common OSU-centric sources:

  • OSU Drupal Announcements
  • OSU Event Calendar
  • University News and Communication
  • blogs @ oregonstate.edu

Each block that is generated by Feeds Display also includes an RSS icon, so your users can collect the feed straight from your block.

four enabled feeds display blocks: osu drupal 6 announcement, osu event, university news and communications feed, and blog feed

For the site builder's convenience, all blocks that are generated via this module are already pre-configured to show just on the front page, so after the feed is established, the builder just has to go in and enable the block.  For more information on block configuration please see the Blocks articles in this manual.

Read on to learn how to set up each of these different types of feeds.