Video Carousel with Lightbox Overview

The Video Carousel with Lightbox feature was originally crafted by Central Web Services for the College of Engineering.  We liked this feature so much, and received such a strong, positive response from it, that we decided to make it the first official feature to be released by CWS.

The Video Carousel with Lightbox feature provides an attractively styled carousel that contains multiple videos.  The carousel can be scrolled back and forth by clicking the arrows to the right or left of the carousel.  When a video is clicked on, a lightbox opens up and the video plays.

4-column video carousel

video lightbox display

Additionally, there are four different block displays that are automatically created that include 4-Column, 3-Column, 2-Column, and 1-Column options.  This means you can put a version of these blocks in any available space you have, whether it's in a sidebar, down by the footer, or up around the content area.

sample of 3-column, 4-column, and 1-column when no middle sidebar region is active

4-column, 2-column, 1-column blocks when middle sidebar is in use

So...let's figure out how to make this work!