The Features module is a high-level contributed module that provides permitted users the ability to combine elements of different modules together to create complex, customized, and shareable elements across sites.

Simply put, Features is sort of a mini-module maker.  The Features module can combine pre-made custom content types, views, taxonomies, imagecache presets, and many other Drupal elements into a bundle that your site's administrator can choose to enable and use on your Drupal site.

Features are really only as limited as the developer's imagination.  Common features that you might find on a Drupal site include things such as media galleries, people/directory information, newsletter systems, and interesting display widgets.

This module is not intended for use by the average Drupal user, but the features that CWS can easily create and deploy using the Features module are.

Read on to discover how to enable new features on your site and how to use the features that CWS deploys to OSU Drupal.