E-mail Field CCK Widget


The Email Field CCK Widget provides a flexible custom field option for an e-mail address.  This widget can be used in a custom node type to automatically display e-mail addresses as either a mailto link (default) or as a link to a web-based mailer within your Drupal site.

This feature is an excellent one to use as it helps limit an unscrupulous organization or individual's ability to harvest e-mail addresses on the web through the use of spam bots.

Please Note...

This module will not "automatically update" or replace existing fields that are being used to hold e-mail data.  It is strongly suggested that this tool be used as a replacement for existing fields that contain e-mail data.  The replacement process is manual.  For instructions on how to do this, please see our FAQ "Can I Easily Replace My Old E-mail Text Fields with the E-mail Field CCK Widget?"

Adding the Email Field

To add an Email field to your content type, do the following:

From within the Field Manager:

Enter a label name in the New field text box, enter a field name in the Field Name box (remember, all small letters, alpha-numeric, and underscores only), and select Email from the Field type drop down menu.

Click the Save button when finished.

new field being added in supplier cck field manager

Configure the Email Field Widget

Once inside the Email Field configuration panel, make any desired adjustments, and then click the Save field settings button.

email field configuration panel

Reorder New Email Field

Once returned to the Field Manager, reorder your field, if desired, by dragging the field into position with your mouse.

Click the Save button when completed

dragging new field into place with the mouse

Configure Email Field Display

After the Email field is created and configured, the display can be configured as well.  In this case, the Display configuration determines how the field will function.

There are two different ways the Email field can work:

  • Mailto link
    • Opens up a portal that can connect to an email client.  Keep in mind, that not all users will have an email client configured on their computers.
  • Contact Form
    • Redirects user to a form within the site from which an email can be created and sent.

The Contact Form method is preferred as it removes several additional steps for your users.  It is also an option that can be used, even if a person doesn't have a mail client that is included in the mailto options.

To select the Contact Form method, in both the Full Node and Teaser View columns, select Email Contact Form from the drop down.

Click the Save button.

selecting contact form method from display fields configuration

So now that the Email field is configured, let's take a look at how it works...