Using the Book Manager


Books are a little different from other content in your OSU Drupal 6 site.  If you're using the Book navigation block, this item does not show up as a separate menu - the organization of your site's books is handled through the Book module instead of the Menu module.

The Book Manager tool, located at Admin menu > Content management > Books, is where you can go to quickly arrange/reorder your book content.

book manager showing list of books on site with edit order and titles link for each row

If you click on the title link of the book you wish to view, it will open to that book. If you click on the edit order and titles link for a particular book, it will take you to an outline of the book structure.

book manager showing drupal deep dive outline with drag and drop handles

Here, you can quickly rearrange the items within your book by simply grabbing on the mover handle of a page and moving it up or down.  You can also make a page a child by moving under and to the right of another page.

When you're finished organizing things, make sure you click the Save book pages button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.