Configure Book Navigation Block


This information is related strictly to enhanced configurations for the Book navigation block.  If you need detailed information on basic block configuration, please review the Blocks section of this book.

The Book navigation block is a special block that is created by the Book module.  Like all other blocks, it's located at Admin menu > Site building > Blocks.

In addition to the standard configurations you can make to all blocks, the Book navigation block has an additional configuration you can apply - one that will force the Book navigation block to only show itself on Book pages.  This is a handy feature that will help you save space on your sidebars when your users aren't actively looking at your book content.

book navigation block configuration panel - change block title name to Technical Articles and select Show block only on book pages

To configure your Book navigation block, do the following:

  1. Change the Title to something more meaningful to your site than "Book navigation".
  2. In the Book navigation block display option group, select Show block only on book pages.
  3. Click the Save block button.

Your book navigation block will now only show on book pages. You will need a way to lead your audience into this section, though.  There are a couple of ways you can do this.  The most straightforward way is to add a link to the top page of your book in a menu somewhere. You can do this through the Menu settings fieldset of your top page.  An example, using the Drupal Deep Dive book in this site, is shown below.

menu settings for drupal deep dive top page

Another method is to create a custom block, embed an image or add text into the block, and then create a link to the top page of your book.  The following example shows the Technical Manuals sidebar graphic used on this site, which links to a view of all Book titles in existence on this site.  From there, the user can select the desired book.

Training Manuals Graphic
technical manuals graphic used on site with notebook icon and text "technical manuals"

Training Manuals View
technical manuals view with drupal deep dive and osu events calenadr items in list

Both of these techniques are used on this site.  Explore the methods used and try one for yourself.