Be a Part of community.drupal.org!

If you haven't heard yet, a Drupal community has been established here at OSU and we want YOU.

This community is open to everyone at OSU.  The community welcomes all of the diverse Drupal users that exist here at OSU, whether you're a Drupal newbie or a seasoned Drupal trooper who is using the OSU Drupal distribution that Central Web Services provides or a different flavor of Drupal that might exist for a group on a different network.

We want to hear what you have to say, welcome new ideas, are growing increasingly excited about DrupalCon Portland and we're interested in knowing if anyone else across the campus plans on participating.

Some come on by and take part in the action!  Visit our Community Drupal Site and use your ONID credentials to log in.  From there, feel free to explore the site, join a group (or several of them) and help get the conversation flowing!