OSU Drupal 6

What is OSU Drupal 6?

Drupal is an Open Source Web Content Management System originally developed by Belgian programmer Dries Buytaert, PhD. This software is a framework which allows site architects and builders the ability to quickly develop and deploy feature rich websites and allows content contributors the ability to easily add, edit, and delete content as needed.

Central Web Services provides and supports a specific Drupal installation profile known as OSU Drupal.  University Relations & Marketings WebComm unit provides visual and information design in support of OSU Drupal.

The OSU Drupal installation and the application's maintenance, standard hosting, and regular training are all available to the OSU community at no charge.

Central Web Services

OSU Drupal 6 FAQ

Available here is a comprehensive list of all related FAQ contained on this site, for this application. To filter the results down to a specific User Level, just make a selection from the User Level field provided and click the Apply button.

What is a node?
What is embed code?
What are categories?
What are content tags used for?