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Learning Approaches

Different people learn in different ways: some prefer to study independently and learn on their own, while others are more successful in a workshop or team-based environment. Some folks are very hands on, while others prefer to read every detail before diving in. CWS strives to meet the varying needs of the community it serves by supplying different learning approaches that can be combined in a variety of ways to ensure your personal success.

Independent Study

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For people who prefer to study independently, we provide training information on a variety of topics. A wide range of different materials are available, including web pages, FAQ, Powerpoint presentations, and video. Where available, we will also supply links to related sites for advanced independent study.

These materials are available to anyone who wishes to view them and are accessible both on and off the OSU campus.


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For those who desire a more structured workshop method, we offer several different types and levels of training on a regular basis throughout the Oregon State University campus.

Workshop content ranges from instruction for CWS designed applications, such as the OSU Events Calendar, to expansive, progressive instruction, such as use of the Drupal Content Management System framework.

Standard workshops are provided regularly and are available at no charge for all OSU faculty, staff, and students.

For More Info...

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Workshop Registration

For more information regarding workshop content and schedules, or to register, please refer to the Professional Development Central Registration Site.

Contact CWS

Can't find an answer? Feel free to send us a help ticket, or give us a call at x71189.