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Baltimore will nevermore be absent from the lengthy list of North American cities that Drupalcon has dropped down on. Visit the Drupalcon Baltimore website for more information.


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It's our intent here at Central Web Services to provide OSU faculty, staff, and student groups with high quality training in the campus-wide web applications provided by our unit.

From the CWS Blog

Aegir code freeze and Drupal 7 to Acquia

Feb 25, 2016

With our transition to Acquia for hosting our Drupal 7 sites from our servers we manage with aegir, we’ve set up our releases to be easier and more rapid. Our process will be going from 2 week releases for a large batch of patches and updates to going to small updates more often and without… Continue reading  Read full story.

Drupal Release 7.41-cws-1.4.0

Jan 20, 2016

The Drupal 7.41-cws-1.4.0 update was released to our development environment on Wednesday, January 20th, and will be released to production sites on Tuesday, January 26th.  The following updates have been applied: Major Version Upgrade None Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates Field Group: 7.x-1.4 – > 7.x-1.5 Moderate Security Issue: When adding an HTML element as… Continue reading  Read full story.

Simple Calendar – Adding Google Calendar Events to Blogs!

Dec 8, 2015

CWS has added the Simple Calendar plugin to blogs.oregonstate.edu. This plugin allows for connecting Google Calendars to your blogs. As a site administrator, you can turn the plugin from the Plugins menu. When activated, a new menu item appears on the left called ‘Calendars’ Here, you create templates which are then added to widgets or… Continue reading  Read full story.

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OSU Drupal 7 Group Management Workshop

Have a group to manage? Come in and learn about what it takes to manage an OSU Drupal group!

In this workshop you'll learn


OSU Drupal Open Lab

Drop-in hands-on session for members of the OSU web community to network, learn, and solve problems.

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