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Drupal 6 Content Types Workshop

Learn about all of the different content types available in Drupal 6.  This workshop is slow-paced, interactive, and geared for the beginning Drupal user.  Users will work within the Discover Drupal 6 multi-user training site.

Topics include:

  • Content Types
    • Books
    • Announcements
    • Albums
    • Polls
    • Stories
    • Pages
  • File Management
    • File Naming Conventions
    • Directory Structures
    • Uploading Files into File Browser
  • Basic Images
    • Embedding Images
    • Adjusting Images
  • Tables
    • How to Create a Basic Table
    • Inserting Images in Tables
    • Adding Captions
  • More Styles
    • Sizing a Table with CSS
    • Changing Cell Colors with CSS
  • OSU Media Manager
    • Embed OSU Media Manager Video

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