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Web Site Production Work:

Consulting, design, programming, software, hardware systems work, general maintenance, and Web Database Integration setup and maintenance.

Staff/Student Rates

  • Student Level 1 - $26.00/hr
  • Student Level 2 - $28.00/hr
  • Student Level 3 - $35.00/hr
  • Staff Level 1 - $70.00/hr
  • Staff Level 2 - $100.00/hr
  • Staff Level 3 - $116.00/hr

Services Fee Charts

General Fees

Service Fee

[1]NOTE:Additional reports are available at the rate of two-thirds the standard package, or $40.00 per year, when submitted at the same time. If report requests are done at different times then standard setup fees and package rates apply.

[2]NOTE:If already hosting non oregonstate.edu domain with CWS, request for subdomain is charged at the rate of special project/setup fee. No additional fees apply.  Initial sub-domains under oregonstate.edu, such as subdomain.oregonstate.edu are charged at fees designated for virtual hosts.  Fourth level such as sub.subdomain.oregonstate.edu requests are charged at the rate of special project/setup fee.  No additional fees apply.

New Project Establishment/Setup Fee. $50
(one time)
Virtual Machine Name Set up (custom Web address)2
[Allows unit to have a more direct/specific URL, e.g. food.oregonstate.edu]
(one time)
Virtual Machine Name2 $130.00
(per year)
Virtual Machine Name Set up (Custom URL non-oregonstate.edu)2 $150.00
(one time)
Secure Sites $185.00
(per year)
Website Statistics Set-up (standard package) 1
[Allows unit to view usage statistics for their pages.]
(one time)
Website Statistics (standard package). 1
[Package includes access to Urchin reporting tool for 12 months.]
(per year)
Special Order Statistics (standard package) report set up. 1 $50.00 + Staff Rates
Non-CWS Hosted Web Statistics (standard package)

(per year)

Minimum monthly charge for open inactive projects

(per month)

Hosting Custom Web Application Fees

Service Fee
Setup / Installation of new instance of application $120.00
(one time)
Hosting special instance of a custom application

(per year)

Special programming for hosted applications Staff Rate


Media: Web site production work for class related sites is provided by Media Services - Faculty Services.

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