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MediaSpace is OSU's new online media solution

MediaSpace replaces Media Manager as OSU’s new online media management application.  We migrated to MediaSpace to meet growing demand, provide new features and improve distribution of web-based media.   MediaSpace is a product from Kaltura (kaltura.com), a cloud-based, open source media solution. 

Visit MediaSpace at:  http://media.oregonstate.edu/


1.  The “soft launch” of MediaSpace occurred on Friday, May 20.   Users are redirected from Media Manager to MediaSpace to upload, view and manage media.

2.  MediaSpace is supported with FAQs, short training modules and a way to open a help ticket.

3.  All content in Media Manager was replicated to MediaSpace prior to the May 20 transition.   You will not need to transfer any videos yourself. 

4. Media Manager will continue to operate in parallel until June 10.  After June 10 the ability to upload and manage content in Media Manager will be disabled and a final replication of content to MediaSpace will occur.   Media Manager will continue to play out media through 2011.  Media Services staff will be available to assist in redirecting any embedded or linked media from Media Manager to MediaSpace


 MediaSpace offers a new look and new features.   The site includes user resources in the form of FAQ, online learning modules and a way to submit help tickets.  We are working closely with Kaltura to incorporate upgrades and features to meet campus needs and expectations. New features include:

  • Higher resolution
  • Captioning
  • Mobile play back
  • Audio files


Media Manager was written out of a necessity for a solution to deliver media.  Since the time of its development, industry has outpaced the solution, and the ability to keep up with the changes no longer exists with campus resources.  Kaltura’s MediaSpace provides a cloud-based solution with ongoing development that will keep pace with new features and online distribution required by users.   Media Services went through a process of reviewing multiple options with a committee of stakeholders before selecting MediaSpace.

For additional technical information please email streaming@lists.oregonstate.edu  or contact Raul Burriel at 541-737-4546

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