mediaspace user interface

MediaSpace is a third-party media portal provided by Kaltura.  MediaSpace facilitates the conversion of many different media formats for easy viewing, distribution, and embedding into your website. The system empowers users with the ability to control their own media. Faculty, staff and students may upload media content themselves, where the conversion of the content is automated.

MediaSpace is the solution chosen to replace OSU Media Manager which, due to rapid shifts in technology, possessed update needs that outpaced the resources available to make the changes.

Media Services engaged in a lengthy review process that included a committee of stakeholders prior to making a decision.

MediaSpace offers a cloud-based solution, which is a virtualized, general purpose computing environment that helps to cut costs in terms of hardware, maintenance, cooling, power, and operational administration.

MediaSpace is under ongoing development, to ensure that features stay fresh, relevant, and secure. A new list of features is available including: higher resolution, capioning, mobile playback and the ability to work with audio files.

For more information on MediaSpace, or on producing video content please visit Digital Media Productions.

MediaSpace Training

A collection of MediaSpace FAQ has been created and is maintained by Digital Media Services. Additional MediaSpace tutorials are available from TAC.