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Blogs.oregonstate.edu runs with several Wordpress plugins.  Plugins in blogs.oregonstate.edu come in two forms, those that are enabled on all blogs (and cannot be turned off), and those that can be turned on for an individual blog.

Enabled Site-Wide

CWS has installed two plugins to minimize spam on blogs.  Akismet is used to reduce spam comments.  reCaptcha is also used to prevent comment spam.

To add polling functionality to your blog, we provide a polling plugin, wp-polls.

Individual Blog Settings

Popularity Contest enables the ranking of your posts by popularity, using the behavior of your visitors to determine each post’s popularity.

Sociable will automatically add links on your posts, pages, and RSS feed to your favorite social bookmarking sites

WP-PostRatings adds a rating system for your blog’s posts and pages. 

Google Analytics

Global Site Tags

The blogs.oregonstate.edu Help Blog provides additional details on all of the installed Wordpress plugins.

To request additional WordPress MU plugins, please review our criteria for selecting Wordpress plugins and then contact us using the CWS contact form.

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