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Blogs, you've heard about it, and you've read some maybe, and you are thinking, what's the big deal?  Well, blogs are for your story.  In some cases, they are for your site.

If you are a department or unit that needs to tell an ongoing story, don't maintain two separate sites, just maintain a blog.  It's easy to use, easy to edit, and your ramp up is quicker.

Central Web Services provides this core service free of charge to all OSU students, student groups, faculty, staff, and departments.  Check it out at: blogs.oregonstate.edu!

We are using Wordpress as our blog solution.

We encourage everyone to speak up and speak out in their personal blogs, but just as a reminder, use of this application is covered by OSU’s Acceptable Use Policy.


WP Help BlogSupport for WordPress can be found in a few different ways:

  • Go to the blogs.oregonstate.edu WordPress Help Blog
  • Try our OSU WordPress community support.  Sign up for the support list for quick easy answers to your questions.
  • Send us a ticket via our contact form.
  • Or speak with us by phone at 541-737-1189

To get your own blog, visit blogs.oregonstate.edu


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