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New OSU Drupal release in January

Central Web Services is working on a new OSU Drupal release.  Our plan is to install it on development sites by January 8th for testing.  If no issues are found in testing, we plan to install to production by January 15th.

The planned features for this release for Drupal are:

  • Various theme fixes for OSU Orange and OSU Grey
  • Announcements
    • Fixes to a minor sorting issue
    • Configurable text for a "No announcements" message
    • Configurable end-date settings (30-day, etc) for announcmenets.  No longer to announcments have to default to a six month publish period.
    • Adding configurable RSS feed for announcements
    • Fix for errors when using internal links
  • Views Carousel
    • A new module to allow you to build a scrollable view of content in a block.  We will be training this module in our new Drupal 6 Intermediate Views course.
  • Drupal Core and Module security updates

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