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Drupal Update Release 04-24-2012

Beginning Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 Central Web Services will be updating OSU Drupal 6 to the latest version.

This release will address some important security updates to Webform, some general updates to some other contributed modules, and OSU Confident will be receiving an accessibility overhaul.

Additionally, a much requested change to OSU's Feeds Display has been implemented and a new CCK widget, the Email module, will be made available.

OSU Confident Accessibility

As a result of an audit peformed on the OSU themes by Disability Access Services, it was discovered that the shades of orange used in both OSU Standard and OSU Confident did not contain enough contrast for users who may have difficulty distinguishing contrast.

OSU Standard was addressed in a previous update.  OSU Confident is addressed in this release.  For specific information on color and contrast issues, as well as other web accessibility topics here at OSU, please see the Web Accessibility section of the OSU Accessibility site.  For specific questions, feel free to contact Gabe Merrell at the Office of Equity and Inclusion.

side by side comparison of osu confident old and new themes

Feeds Display Update

The Feeds Display module, which was introduced earlier this year, allows a user to easily pull in feeds from other OSU sources and display them in a block on a site.

Originally, for the Events feed, which works with the OSU Events Calendar, a link automatically appeared that would direct the user to the Main OSU Event Calendar for a full collection of upcoming events across OSU.

CWS received many requests to change that link so that it would direct a user to all upcoming events specifically within its respective calendar.  This has been completed.

For more information on working with this module, visit the Feeds Display chapter in our CWS Training Site.

E-mail Field CCK Widget

The Email Field CCK Widget provides a flexible custom field option for an e-mail address.  This widget can be used in a custom node type to automatically display e-mail addresses as either a mailto link (default) or as a link to a web-based mailer within your Drupal site.

E-Mail Field Using Web-Based Form Configuration
sample node with e-mail field in use

Sample Web-Based Form From E-Mail Field For Authenticated Users
sample web-based mail form from e-mail field for authenticated users

Sample Web-Based Form From E-Mail Field For Anonymous Users
sample web-based mail form from e-mail field for anonymous users

This feature is an excellent one to use as it helps limit the ability to harvest e-mail addresses on the web through the use of spam bots.  To learn how to configure and use this new tool, please see the instructional article E-mail Field CCK Widget in our CWS Training site.

For specific questions or feedback regarding these updates, or for general Drupal assistance, please submit a Help Ticket or call 541-737-1189.

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