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Transforming Learning Spaces at OSU

How do different kinds of learning spaces contribute to teaching and learning? In this three-part video series, Dr. Peter Saunders, former director of OSU's Center for Teaching and Learning, takes us on a tour of three different classroom environments that have been transformed to enhance some common learning outcomes. The first video illustrates the similarties of a typical modern classroom to an early 20th century era one-room shcoolhouse. A comparison study is made between this room and a renovated room incorporating interactive whiteboards, student response systems, and mobile furniture. In the second film, Dr. Saunders gives a tour of the recently-renovated Weniger 151, a large lecture classroom with tiered seating that has been enhanced to promote interaction and collaborative learning.  In the final clip, a small room on campus is "expanded" to the Hatfield Marine Science Center through the use of videoconferencing software and an interactive whiteboard.

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