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Spring 2014 Teaching Symposium

This term's symposium featured a broad variety of topics: curriculum design, flipped classrooms, experiential learning, and international students, to name just a few.

2014 Winter Teaching Symposium

Our Winter 2014 Teaching Symposium featured a broad variety of topics, including robots, curriculum design, experiential learning, new media, and student motivation, to name just a few.

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This is the CTL's blog, where you’ll find information, announcements, and stories from our faculty.

What if a college instructor could appreciably increase the likelihood of the long-term well-being of a student by simply having a few conversations with the student?


07/21/2014 - 11:49am

Academic Affairs is offering compensation and course development support to OSU faculty during the Fall 2014 term for the...

05/19/2014 - 12:20pm

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Spotlight on Learning: Implementing Concept Warehouse

In this interview, Kay sagmiller talks with Jeff Nason, who's recently implemented Concept Warehouse in his Materials Balance class.

Shireen Hyrapiet - Geography

Shireen Hyrapiet discusses her GEO 327 course for a hybrid faculty showcase.

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Episode 12: iPads in the Classroom – Maggie Niess

What can tablet computing do for education? This is a question that many educators are facing as classroom infrastructure grows to include iPads and other tablet computers. Maggie Niess, emeritus professor...

Episode 11: Collaborative Exams – John Selker

In this episode, we talk with Professor John Selker, who allows students in his Stochastic Hydrology course to cheat on their exams. But not really! In this class, it’s not cheating, it's part of a new assessment...

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