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Podcast Relaunch: Conversations & Explorations

The Center for Teaching and Learning, and Technology Across the Curriculum, have teamed up to reboot our podcast, Conversations & Explorations of Key Teaching & Learning Issues. Our goal with this relaunch is to bring you new models for teaching and learning at Oregon State University. The podcast interviews will be split among instructors who've used these innovative teaching methods, and students who've taken their courses. The reboot begins with episodes 7 and 8, where we investigate a technique using student-led debates in the classroom, developed by Professor Peggy Dolcini, Department of Public Health at Oregon State University. Professor Dolcini managed six debates between groups of students in her spring 2010 Drugs, Society, and Behavior course with about seventy students enrolled. Dr. Dolcini used a response system, or clickers, to poll class opinion before and after the debates. We hope you enjoy the podcast, and we welcome your feedback.

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