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MRM 535 Syllabus - Rights-Based Fisheries Management

An exemplary syllabus for a Marine Resource Management course.

Notice how the authors first list their names and contact information; then they explain the content of the course, the format of the course, and how the course fits into the larger curriculum of fishery studies. It is helpful for learners to understand where a particular course fits into a program of study (how the course outcomes align to program outcomes).

Then we see clear learning objectives listed and an outline of how grades will be calculated.  (Note how the assignments align to the learning objectives.) Another especially strong aspect of this syllabus is the thoughtful description of the requirements for the final paper: not only is format addressed but also a weighting of the required criteria.  A calendar follows with an outline of topics that will be discussed each week and this is followed by the required statement regarding disabilities.  Authors have also included a link to the OSU site for academic and scholarly dishonesty as a reminder that student work is held to traditional scholarly standards: original work.


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