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Fall Orientation for all GTAs new to OSU

This fall, CTL will once again be hosting an orientation for all GTAs new to OSU. This year's events are currently scheduled for September 19 and 20, 2013:

· Day One is specifically for International GTAs new to OSU as of this fall and will include information targeted to enhancing their experience in uniquely U.S./Oregon classrooms

· Day Two is for all GTAs new to OSU as of this fall.

Location Update: the Sep. 19 event is in ILLC 155, and the Sep 20 event is in the MU Ballroom, beginning at 8:00am.

Orientation sessions will cover the foundations needed for working effectively in classes with OSU students: OSU policies, essential teaching and learning concepts, strategies for communicating effectively with students, and more.  Whether you're supporting a recitation, leading a lab section, grading for a large lecture, or designing and teaching your own course, we'll have something for you!

New GTA Orientation Goals

The New GTA Orientation program is designed to provide all GTAs who are new to OSU with the basic support and resources to be successful in their first year and beyond. The specific goals of the program are to:

· Familiarize new GTAs with OSU institutional and student culture
· Emphasize the importance of teaching at OSU and the critical role GTAs play in educating undergraduate students
· Provide new GTAs with some basic instructional information and skills to support their first weeks/terms of teaching
· Introduce new GTAs to the various resources available on campus to support their instructional activities in the coming weeks/terms and
· Create a collegial environment for new GTAs to connect with other instructors within and outside of their academic departments

You can register using the link below, or you may also receive follow-up announcements from your home department or college. You are welcome to follow the link from either place to register, but you only need to register once.

Register Here

If you have questions about the orientation, please contact Tess Collins:

tess (dot) collins (at) oregonstate (dot) edu

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