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Established in 2004, OSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning arose out of the recommendations of 2003 faculty-led Curricular Issues Planning Team, a subcommittee of the broader “OSU 2007” strategic planning process. Building on successful predecessors in the College of Liberal Arts and the Writing Intensive Curriculum and Difference, Power and Discrimination Programs ( in existence since the early 1990’s), the vision for a new university-wide CTL emphasized sharing resources, building faculty community, disseminating best practices, exploring new technologies, and supporting cultural competence, and addressing global issues. Founding director Dr. Peter Saunders developed a suite of workshops and summer institutes on foundational teaching and learning issues and established a lasting collaboration with OSU’s Technology Across the Curriculum program to provide comprehensive support for faculty utilizing technology to facilitate pedagogical outcomes. By Dr. Saunders’ retirement in 2010, the CTL had established a lasting influence and broad support across OSU’s colleges and departments.

In alignment with broad, university-wide efforts to improve student success and engagement, in 2009 and 2010 the university undertook a comprehensive review of the Baccalaureate Core general education program resulting in the adoption of a set of comprehensive Learning Goals for Graduates encompassing undergraduate learning in academic programs, general education and the co-curriculum. Throughout the Bacc Core review process, faculty focus groups revealed substantial interest in expanding faculty development resources as a means to deepening faculty engagement and student learning in the Bacc Core and, more generally, in the seven areas of the Learning Goals for Graduates. Faculty also expressed the need for expanded resources to support graduate teaching assistants, experiential learning, global learning and uses of innovative technologies. Over the past year, under the interim directorship of the Associate Provost for Academic Success and Engagement, the CTL has become a consortium of faculty and curriculum development programs aligned with the Learning Goals and key points in the revised 208 university strategic plan. Today the CTL consists of 8 faculty and professional staff (7 FTE) and encompasses the following initiatives and programs:

• Service Learning Faculty Development
• Global Learning Initiative
• Hybrid Course Development and Teaching and Learning Technologies Initiative
• Writing Intensive Curriculum Program
• Difference, Power and Discrimination Program
• Co-Curricular Learning
• University-Wide Teaching Excellence
• Baccalaureate Core Implementation

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