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Thomas Nelson Laird - Supporting Student Engagement from Multiple Angles: Examining NSSE Findings to Improve Students' Experiences

Designed for professional faculty in academic affairs and student affairs including advisors, tutors, mentors, and coaches, this presentation will facilitate examination of NSSE (National Survey on Student Engagement) findings on engaged learning and diversity so that participants may identify ways to translate the findings and recommendations into their own activities.

26 Apr 2011
Bill Roberson - Engaging Students to Promote Critical Thinking

Bill Roberson, founding director of the Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership for the University at Albany, will present a workshop aimed at professional faculty who work in academic and student affairs settings. The workshop will focus on ways to design learning experiences that increase critical thinking. Whether you teach a formal for-credit class, facilitate workshops or seminars, or work with students in tutoring, mentoring, or advising settings, this session will provide an opportunity for you to explore interactive techniques that you may incorporate into your work to help promote essential critical thinking skills among your students.

15 Apr 2011
Bill Roberson - Mastering the Interactive Lecture: Don't let Tradition Stand in the Way of Student Thinking

Bill Roberson presents Mastering the Interactive Lecture: Don’t Let Tradition Stand in the Way of Student Thinking. This workshop will target instructors in OSU College of Health and Human Sciences (a large college growing larger at a fast clip) who teach enormous (200+ students) sections of courses, many of which involve pre-set curricula. The focus of this session will be interactive lecturing techniques and strategies for assessing formal knowledge acquisition *and* critical thinking.

15 Apr 2011
Responding to Distressed & Disruptive Student Behavior

Get updated information for working with students in crisis.

05 Feb 2010
Understanding and Working With Contemporary Students

Presented by Larry Roper, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, this session will focus on cultivating a better understanding of the new generation of students and how they make meaning of the world.

27 Oct 2009

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