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What the Research Says: Cognition and Learning

Kay Sagmiller, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, provides instructors a lively summary of recent brain research and explores the pedagogical implications of these findings.

14 Nov 2012
Fat Studies: Teaching About Weightism as a Social Justice Issue

This presentation will present an overview of weight bias and the field of Fat Studies from which instructors may draw resources to integrate material on this topic into their courses. 

09 May 2012
Stereotype Threat and the Nature and Nurture of Intelligence

Joshua Aronson and his team have conducted numerous studies showing how stereotype threat depresses the standardized test performance of black, Latino, and female college students. Understanding can help young people achieve their academic aspirations.

08 May 2012
Effective Practices for Teaching Hybrid (Blended) Courses

OSU and many other universities are embarking on systematic development of hybrid courses, which "blend" reduced classroom meetings and significant online components to enhance learning while providing greater flexibility for faculty and students.

22 Feb 2012
Short-Term International Teaching & Learning Opportunities for OSU Faculty

As part of OSU’s International Education Week, this program will describe specific opportunities for faculty to either teach abroad for a term or participate in 2-week international faculty development seminars.  Funding for international seminars will also be discussed.

18 Nov 2011

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