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Academic Program and Design Evaluation

In this slideshow presentation, Kay Sagmiller, Director for OSU's Center for Teaching and Learning, describes academic program design and evaluation for undergraduate programs.

14 Feb 2013
Teaching and Learning Symposium I

On January 30, 2013, OSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning hosted its first full-day Teaching and Learning Symposium.

30 Jan 2013
Spotlight on Learning: Innovative Hybrid Approach to Human Anatomy Lab

Amy Harwell combines online lab learning with weekend-long onsite lab experience for Human Anatomy and Physiology.

01 Jan 2013
A College Algebra Redesign: Inquiry-Based Learning for Student Success

Scott Peterson presents a Center for Teaching and Learning workshop on the redesign of College Algebra for student success.

28 Nov 2012
What the Research Says: Cognition and Learning

Kay Sagmiller, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, provides instructors a lively summary of recent brain research and explores the pedagogical implications of these findings.

14 Nov 2012
Amy Bourne - Business

Amy Bourne explains her hybrid approach to teaching financial accounting at a faculty showcase. Dr. Bourne is Senior Instructor in the College of Business.

07 Jun 2012

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