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Spotlight on Learning: Innovative Hybrid Approach to Human Anatomy Lab

Amy Harwell combines online lab learning with weekend-long onsite lab experience for Human Anatomy and Physiology.

01 Jan 2013
A College Algebra Redesign: Inquiry-Based Learning for Student Success

Scott Peterson presents a Center for Teaching and Learning workshop on the redesign of College Algebra for student success.

28 Nov 2012
What the Research Says: Cognition and Learning

Kay Sagmiller, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, provides instructors a lively summary of recent brain research and explores the pedagogical implications of these findings.

14 Nov 2012
Amy Bourne - Business

Amy Bourne explains her hybrid approach to teaching financial accounting at a faculty showcase. Dr. Bourne is Senior Instructor in the College of Business.

07 Jun 2012
Andrew Valls - Political Science

Andrew Valls describes his approach to developing his hybrid Intro. to Political Thought course at a faculty showcase. Dr. Valls is Associate Professor of Political Science.

07 Jun 2012
Patti Sakurai - Ethnic Studies

Patti Sakurai explains the design of her hybrid course at a faculty showcase. Dr. Sakurai is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies.

07 Jun 2012

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