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Amy Bourne - Business

Amy Bourne explains her hybrid approach to teaching financial accounting at a faculty showcase. Dr. Bourne is Senior Instructor in the College of Business.

07 Jun 2012
Andrew Valls - Political Science

Andrew Valls describes his approach to developing his hybrid Intro. to Political Thought course at a faculty showcase. Dr. Valls is Associate Professor of Political Science.

07 Jun 2012
Patti Sakurai - Ethnic Studies

Patti Sakurai explains the design of her hybrid course at a faculty showcase. Dr. Sakurai is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies.

07 Jun 2012
Patti Duncan - Women Studies

Patti Duncan describes the design of her hybrid course at a faculty showcase.  Dr. Duncan is Associate Professor of Women Studies.

07 Jun 2012
Fat Studies: Teaching About Weightism as a Social Justice Issue

This presentation will present an overview of weight bias and the field of Fat Studies from which instructors may draw resources to integrate material on this topic into their courses. 

09 May 2012
Stereotype Threat and the Nature and Nurture of Intelligence

Joshua Aronson and his team have conducted numerous studies showing how stereotype threat depresses the standardized test performance of black, Latino, and female college students. Understanding can help young people achieve their academic aspirations.

08 May 2012

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