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Kathy Becker-Blease - Turning Face-to-Face Courses into Hybrids: What I Learned

This session provides an overview of how one Bacc Core course was converted to hybrid format and the study that was done to compare student learning during a term when the face-to-face and hybrid sections were taught concurrently.

24 Oct 2013
Kharim Hamdy - Calligraphy Activity Demonstration

Kharim Hamdy demonstrates a calligraphy activity that he uses in his Arab Cultures (333) class.

09 Jun 2013
Daniel Lopez-Cevallos - Language, Culture, and Society

Daniel Lopez-Cevallos describes his ES499/599, Nutrition and Social Determinants of Health course for a Global Learning showcase.

08 Jun 2013
Laurie Bridges - Resources on Global Perspectives

Laurie Bridges describes her new website, "Resources on Global Perspectives," in a Global Learning showcase event.

07 Jun 2013
Emily Elbom - Writing

Emily Elbom describes her WR327 Technical Writing course for a Global Learning faculty showcase event.

06 Jun 2013
Dan Faltesek – New Media Communications

Dan Faltesek explains his approach to the design of his hybrid NMC 101 course.

04 Jun 2013

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