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Cheridy Aduviri - Education

Cheridy Aduviri describes her TCE 472/572 course for a hybrid faculty showcase.

04 Jun 2014
Vicki deTal - Writing

Vicki deTal describes her WR 327e course for a hybrid faculty showcase.

04 Jun 2014
Spring 2014 Teaching Symposium

This term's symposium featured a broad variety of topics: curriculum design, flipped classrooms, experiential learning, and international students, to name just a few.

22 May 2014
Badege Bishaw - Forestry

Instructor, Forest Ecosystems & Society, Coll. of Forestry Revising Agroforestry (FS/NR 477/577)

19 Mar 2014
Carlos Ochoa - Watershed Management

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Animal and Rangeland Sciences, Coll. of Agricultural Sciences.  Revising Desert Watershed Management (RNG 355)

19 Mar 2014
Hannah Gosnell - Geoscience

Associate Professor, Geography, Coll. Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences.  Developing a new course: Water, Climate & Society (GEO 2XX)

19 Mar 2014

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