When to Seek Professional Help

For students, help may come from friends, family members, or others but in some cases help is needed from a trained professional. It may help to let your student know that there are a variety of resources available on campus. A few important support offices can be found on the next page. Although your student was presented with this information at orientation, they may not remember it now. Encourage your student to take advantage of these services before their situation becomes more difficult to manage. Encourage them to give us a call or stop by. It's important to know that our services are intended primarily to help students with short-term emotional adjustment problems rather than long-term, intensive psychological problems. However, if their needs extend beyond our capacity, we can help your student develop a plan and provide consultation and referrals so they can obtain appropriate care.

If you are interested in finding services near you for yourself or your student, the best way is to contact your insurance provider to find out which therapists are in your network. Next, call those therapists who are covered by your insurance to find out their fee scale, availability, and specialization areas. A CAPS counselor can also make a referral to a local community provider.

There are several national search engines that can help you find a therapist near you:

American Psychological Association

National Association of Social Workers

National Board for Certified Counselors

Psychology Today's Therapist finder


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