Signs That a Student Might Need Additional Support

If you or a friend . . .

  1. Has excessive class/work absences
  2. Begins doing worse in class or not attending to daily job tasks
  3. Shows poor emotional control
  4. Has excessive moodiness or worrying
  5. Has sleeping and/or eating habits that change dramatically
  6. Shows unusual concern about personal health
  7. Has persistent depression
  8. Talks openly about suicide
  9. Engages in consistent risky behavior

When you or other students are . . .

  1. Cutting classes or missing obligations to be with this person
  2. Thinking and worrying a lot about this person
  3. Not sure what you should do
  4. When “helping” interferes with your getting your work finished or your obligations met

Ask yourself . . .

  1. Is this student’s behavior distressingly out of the ordinary?
  2. Is this beyond my skill level?
  3. Is the behavior getting worse?
  4. Does the behavior place anyone at risk?
  5. Am I feeling like I want to talk with someone about my observations and concerns?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, seek assistance and/or consult with a CAPS counselor, your professor or advisor, or another person you trust.