Recognizing and Assisting Students in Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress

During their experience at university, students can encounter a great deal of stress (e.g. academic, social, family, work, financial, and cultural). Although most cope successfully with the demands of college life, sometimes the pressures become overwhelming. 

Because faculty and staff are important figures in a student’s life, CAPS believes an expression of concern may be an important factor in helping a student regain the emotional equilibrium necessary for academic success. 

We are not suggesting that faculty and staff members function as counselors. Instead, we hope the specific information in the links below can help you assess and address a potentially difficult situation when you are confronted with a student in distress.

Recognizing Troubled Students

How to Deal with a Distressed Student

Responding to the Death of a Student

Ways to help a friend in distress

Know that help is available

Ways to help yourself

Helpful Websites for Helping Someone in Distress

Brochure for Tips on Recognizing and Assisting Students in Emotional Distress


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