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Concerned About A Student?

If someone in your family is an OSU student, they will be experiencing a tremendous amount of change and growth during their time here. There will be times when your student will feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed out, or even occasionally depressed. Making adult decisions, facing relationship challenges, and working hard to earn grades that will pave the way for a successful career - these can weigh heavily on a student's mind. At times, they can interfere with that person's ability to study or do well on exams and projects. While these difficulties often resolve themselves without assistance, there may be times when your student would benefit from additional support or talking with a professional. This is where you come in. You know your family member and you are familiar with the signs that they are "stressed out." You may wonder whether you should say something and if so, what? The following links may help you decide how to help your student

Supporting Your Student

Seeking Advice about Your Student

When to Seek Professional Help

Encouraging Your Student to Seek Help

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