More tips for strengthening self-esteem

Avoid Being Judgmental. If a lot of your interactions with others are criticisms, put downs, complaints, or judgments, it may be keeping others away. For some people, a judgmental attitude comes from low self-esteem, which they try to overcome by criticizing others. Work on viewing others more positively.

Take Risks. There is nothing quite like accepting a new challenge and developing new abilities. If you don’t try, you can’t grow.

Take Pride in your Achievements. Even small accomplishments can help build your self respect.

Remain Flexible. Change isn’t easy and takes time. Allow yourself and others room to grow and to make mistakes.

Learn to deal with mistakes. We all make them – and we all need a way to cope with them. When a mistake is made, try to fix it, and try to learn from it. Forgive yourself, and move on.

Seek professional help. If you need help going through these steps, or there are other issues interfering with your self-esteem, seek out trained professionals to help you make progress with improving your self-esteem.

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