Letter from the Director

caps director, jackie alvarezThank you for seeking more information about Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). I hope you find our website to be a helpful source of information about the various services we offer.

We are privileged to work with students who engage in the challenge of becoming whole, purposeful, thriving individuals.  We find that once students can return to a place of health and balance, they are then able to engage in the work of active, effective learning.  They then go into the world to lead and serve. We find there’s nothing better than to be a part of that kind of growth, and it gives us great satisfaction to know that we’re making a difference in people’s lives.

The roles we take on at CAPS are varied:  we are healers, teachers, consultants, mentors, and scientists.  And in these various roles, we go about conducting the good work that makes up our day-to-day operations.  We counsel students, conduct outreach and education activities, consult with our colleagues across the campus, train new members of our profession, and conduct scholarly inquiry.

I am proud of our faculty and staff who nurture students’ development, and build a caring, engaged OSU community. The counseling we do to help students heal emotional and personal problems is tremendous, and nothing short of transformational. And the work we do to promote individual and community health and well-being is equally important. Whether we’re engaged in the work of suicide prevention, helping people reach their peak performance in the Mind Spa, teaching mindfulness meditation, holding a workshop on stress management, or building relationships with OSU’s Cultural Centers our staff works to share its abundance of knowledge regarding prevention and health promotion.

Finally, as mental health has become one of the most pressing concerns on university campuses around the country, the CAPS mission to provide consultation services has taken on greater importance.  Virtually no member of the OSU community is untouched by mental health issues, yet most people do not receive training on how to handle them.  Any member of the OSU community may turn to CAPS for help in understanding both how to make sense of what is happening and how best to respond to a mental health or related student concern.  We consistently receive feedback about the great value of this service.

I hope that you’ll explore our website and learn about all we’re doing at CAPS.  Even more, I hope you’ll drop by to relax in the Mind Spa, come in for an appointment, or call us to ask us a question about a mental health concern.


Jackie Alvarez