Job Openings

Student Position

Mind Spa Program Support

CAPS is looking for two responsible and well organized students to join our student outreach team.  The student coordinators main responsibility is to oversee the daily operation of the Mind Spas (at Waldo and Snell Halls) and oversee other satellite biofeedback programs including those at DAS, ISS, ASC, and the Vet Med Library.  Other program responsibilities include providing outreach at tabling events, community events (START, Connect Week, Stress Free Zones, etc) and open house programs to promote wellness through the Mind Spa program.  The student coordinators will also offer ½ hour biofeedback orientations to new Mind Spa users on a weekly basis.  Other expectations are to keep the room clean and neat, and to work with the CAPS’ technical support in keeping all software and equipment in working condition.  Other responsibilities may include researching information about promoting positive mental health and presenting results to their supervisor. 

The Student Coordinators need to show responsibility, work independently, meet deadlines, and use their time effectively to complete tasks for the Mind Spa program.  Each coordinator will need to be able to work approx. 15 hours a week with preference for students available to work some over breaks and summer. 

Key Responsibilities and Skills:

  1. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  2. Meet regularly and work well as a team with outreach student team, supervisor, and other staff at CAPS
  3. Organize and maintain all Mind Spas and satellite services on campus (Snell, Waldo, ISS, DAS, ASC, Vet Med), with periodic check-ins required
  4. Assist in purchases for Mind Spa program
  5. Work closely with Mental Health Promotion staff and be a team player
  6. Conduct ½ hour consultations with student, staff and faculty
  7. Assist in coordinating and hosting Mind Spa Open Houses and other events as identified
  8. Work with the graphic designer and develop content for various Mind Spa marketing products (brochures, posters, book marks, etc.)
  9. Work closely with the Administration and Tech Support in maintaining and reporting on equipment and software on all Mind Spa computer and outreach laptops.
  10. File data and perform other routine clerical tasks as assigned.

Major Projects:

  1. Develop, organize and host Mind Spa Open Houses
  2. Manage Mind Spa Programs in Snell, Waldo, ISS, DAS, ASC, Vet Med
  3. Organize, staff and conduct Mind Spa Study Breaks (e.g. Valley Library)
  4. Develop, advertise and conduct Mind Spa and Mental Health Promotion events
  5. Assist with the Mind Spa Newsletter, published quarterly

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop and demonstrate cross-cultural interpersonal skills with students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Develop and demonstrate leadership skills including prioritizing and follow through with outreach and management of the Mind Spa.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking, reflective listening, and flexibility when working individually and in groups.

When hiring student employees, CAPS does its best to balance state laws and the American psychological Association and National Association of Social Work ethical principles.  For this reason, CAPS will not hire any current or former clients, thus avoiding potential harm.  CAPS workers also cannot engage in counseling at CAPS during their time of employment; however, CAPS will assist the student workers find counseling if needed and requested.

Please send a cover letter and resume to CAPS@oregonstate.edu, through Beaver JobNet or fax to 541.737.2518, or 500 Snell Hall on the OSU Corvallis campus.