How to Manage Time Better

Your daily activities should reflect who you are and help you get what you want out of life.


These steps can help you gain control of your time:

  • Make a list of what is important to you; your basic values. Categories may include things such as physical well being, intellectual well being, and fulfilling relationships. Be specific. There will probably be about ten to twenty values on your list. The list must be personal and reflect YOU.

  • Write down long-term goals. Use the above list to give you ideas. For example, finish college, develop an exercise program, and establish a long-term relationship. Try to develop goals for many areas of your life, not just school or work.

  • Write down intermediate and short-term goals. These include immediate tasks such as studying for a test or writing a paper. They can also include activities to be accomplished in the near future, such as writing a résumé, finding a Time Managementsummer job, or planning an exercise program. It is important that these short-term goals match the values and long-term goals that you identified for yourself.

  • Make a daily plan. Goals without planning won’t work to improve your life. Every day, review your goals and your commitments for the day, make a To Do list, prioritize the items on your list, and complete top priority tasks before lower priority items. Prioritize according to your own goals rather than someone else's.

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