How to Get More Organized

Do unpleasant tasks first.  Let's face it -- there are some things that are just no fun.  Get them out of the way first.  You will feel a sense of relief and accomplishment and can get down to other tasks you need to work on.  It might help to reward yourself for accomplishing the unpleasant task.

Become aware of your own body rhythms and work with them.  If you work best in the morning, plan your day to allow yourself to be productive at this time. 

Protect your prime timeDo not schedule anything or allow distractions during time you have set aside.

Learn to say "no."  Don't let timidity, fear of offending, or desire for approval enslave you.  "No" can be said in a polite, honest way and true friends will not be offended by honesty.

Use a month-at-a-glance calendar or scheduling system.  This allows you to get a big picture of when exams are scheduled, papers are due, and when you have breaks.

Keep goals visible.  They will motivate you.

Keep deadlines visible.  They will keep you on track.

Set realistic time estimates. Many things take longer than people think.

Battle perfectionism.  Lower your standards to what is reasonable.

Battle procrastination.  Do it NOW.  If a task seems overwhelming, break it down into smaller parts and begin step one.

Keep your work areas neatClean off your desk and keep it neat so that it becomes a comfortable area to work. 

Live a balanced life.  Having fun, relaxing, and enjoying life are important.  Don't forget to plan for fun time as well as work related tasks.

Stay focused but flexibleThe best planning goes awry sometimes.  Just begin again the next day.

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