Healthy Eating Patterns

  1. Do not skip breakfast.
  2. Do not skip lunch.
  3. Eat your meals at the same time every day.
  4. Prepare and eat your food without being rushed.
  5. Eat sitting at a table in a pleasant setting.
  6. Do not eat while driving, standing, or walking.
  7. Avoid eating when you are very angry or upset.
  8. Eat several hours before going to sleep.
  9. After eating, wait one hour before exercising.
  10. Do something pleasant after eating.
  11. Eat slow enough to notice how things taste.
  12. Stop before you are completely full.
  13. Put flowers and candles on your table.
  14. Eat and cook with fresh food.
  15. Make healthy food ahead of time for quicker meals after work.
  16. Keep a variety of food around so you can find something satisfying at every meal.
  17. Before a meal, ask yourself what you really want to eat and try to include it.
  18. Try to include two servings of protein, two of dairy, four fruits and vegetables, and four carbohydrates (bread, pasta, or potatoes) daily.
  19. Eat a variety of food to get all your nutrients.
  20. Avoid eating too much red meat, salt, sugar, fried foods, caffeine, or fats.
  21. Eat what you like. Even include foods you think you should avoid.   Just eat less of them.
  22. Plan meals and shopping lists ahead of time.
  23. Do not eat at your desk or work space.
  24. Snack only when you are hungry.

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