Doctoral Internship Weekly Schedule

Activites & Hours


Service Activities

Direct clinical services (individual, couples, group therapy, intake):  18-20      

On-call (emergencies, crisis intervention, consultation):  1.5

Outreach Services (workshops, presentations, etc.):  2

Supervision of practicum student and related activities:  1.5

Total for Service Activities:  23-25


Training Activities    

Individual supervision with primary supervisor:  2

Supervision for other services (e.g. consultations, rotations, sup of sup):  1-3

Seminars:  professional issues, group/diversity (hours vary by term):  2-3

Intern/TD meeting:  1.5

Case Conference with Clinical Team:  1

Case Conference with Psychiatric Consultant:  1

Total for Training Activities:  8-11


Administrative Activities     

Staff meeting:  1

Paperwork/preparation time (e.g. notes, scheduling clients, email):  6-8

Committee Work (Diversity committee required for at least one term):  0-1

Total for Administrative Activities:  7-10


Total Hours:  38-46


NOTE: We designed this schedule to work within the rhythm of the academic calendar. For example, there are heavier demands for service during the academic year, while increased time for training, rotations, and professional development is available during "slower" times like orientation month, breaks, and the summer.

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