Body Image and Eating Concerns

"Your body is your vehicle for life.  As long as you are here, live in it.  Love, honor, respect and cherish it, treat it well, and it will serve you in kind." - Suzy Prudden

Eating Disorders are  characterized by severe disturbances in eating behavior that are experienced by both men and women. An eating disorder is more than being on a diet, it’s an illness that affects all areas of a person’s life. Eating disorders can be caused by a variety of emotional factors, societal influences, and personal hurts and fears.  Individuals with eating disorders are usually in a lot of emotional pain.  The three most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Treatments for eating disorders usually involve psychotherapy, nutrition education, family counseling, medications, and hospitalization. The links below may help you to understand and deal with an eating disorder.

Body ImageBody Image
Common Thinking Patterns Related to Eating Concerns
Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating
General Coping Skills
Changing Eating Patterns
Healthy Eating Patterns
Helpful Websites

Anorexia Brochure
Bulimia Brochure
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