Alcohol and Other Drug Use

College life offers many challenges besides picking a major; deciding whether to use alcohol and other drugs is one of them.

Students indicate they use alcohol and other drugs for the following reasons:

  • Academic Stress
  • To be Social
  • Simply to Have Fun
  • Regulate Uneasy feelings
  • Social Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Escape Problems They are Having
  • Self medicating

Most people confine their use to specific places, times, and events and experience few, if any, negative consequences.  However, for some, alcohol and other drugs can lead to:

  • Social problems, acting the fool and /or loosing friends due to your use
  • Depression, anxiety and paranoia
  • Physical, withdrawal, hangovers, injuries
  • Legal, MIP, DUII, Issues with the University
  • Academic difficulty, declining attendance, declining grades, academic warning or suspension. 
  • Unwanted sexual activity or sexual assault.

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