Conference Management Services

"Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success." - Unknown

Walkway Between Alumni Center and LaSellsOSU Conference Management Services offers complete and innovative meeting management with a team approach. Our support services are designed to assist members of the OSU community in the development, organization, and delivery of quality conferences, symposia, lectures, workshops, seminars, tours or other similar activities. 

Partnering with OSU Conference Services, your mind will be at ease. You will be able to focus on the program while we take care of the details. We will help you save time and manage expenses.   

Our services are fully customizable, based on your needs and may include a few or all of the following:

  • Pre-event consultations and planning sessions
  • Budget development
  • Site Analysis and Hotel/Facility Contract Negotiation
  • Website development
  • Online pre-event registration for participants
  • Comprehensive financial management and bill paying services
  • Coordinating Speakers
  • On-site event production and management
  • Catering Coordination
  • Event support and security
  • Abstract Collection and management
  • In-house marketing
  • On- or off-campus event management

Conferences are an opportunity for faculty and researchers to present and discuss important topics related to their field of study.  Conferences facilitate the exchange of information to strategically place you among your peers. In addition, conferences may result in a significant supplementary income for your college or department.

Site Selection: Regardless of meeting location, you can enjoy our conference services. Site selection for your event is not limited to the OSU campus. Whether your are gathering in Portland, Seattle, New York or Paris our conference managers can help support your efforts. 

For Additional Information:

OSU Conference Management Services

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