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Mount Hood, Portland, Oregon

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Central Oregon Mountains

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Sunriver Oregon

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Dead Man Fingers

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Crater Lake

Missouri ICRPS Summer Institute





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Oregon is an incredibly diverse collection of landscapes, economies, and communities. Each region is unique - from the rugged Oregon Coast, to the high mountain passes of the Oregon Cascades, to the lush greenery and magnificent waterfalls, and the stony lava beds and Ponderosa Pines of the high desert. Oregon offers suburban, urban and rural environments. Oregon is a dramatic land of many changes. Oregon's natural beauty is here for you to enjoy...

Our journey will begin in Metropolitan Portland, a community filled with dozens of urban parks, green spaces, and a lively downtown. Portland is crisscrossed by rivers, mountains and vineyards. We will explore the beauty of Mt Hood and the ruggedness of the Columbia River Gorge and the varied regions of Northern Oregon.

Traveling south we will explore the Willamette Valley, the heart of Oregon's agriculture country famous for its wine, historic towns and covered bridges. We will stay in Corvallis, Oregon - home of Oregon State University, the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful college town!


Join us for a real adventure and opportunity to discover Oregon!

June 19 - July 5, 2010



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Contact Information:

For information about the program,
please contact:


Brent Steel

Oregon State University

Political Science Dept

311 Gilkey Hall

Corvallis, OR 97331

Phone: 541-737-6133

E-mail: bsteel@oregonstate.edu


Questions regarding locations or
registration may be directed to:


OSU Conference Services

Oregon State University

100 LaSells Stewart Center

Corvallis, OR 97331

Phone: 541-737-9300