6th Annual Greener Nanoscience
Conference & Program Review

GN11: Advancing Applications and Reducing Risk

May 1-3, 2011
Cupertino, California

Directions to GN11 Location:
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SNNI's 6th annual Greener Nano Conference, GN11 will be held May 1-3, 2011 at HP in Cupertino, CA. We will hold our meeting in conjunction with the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) Innovators Roundtable.

"NanoEHS" and "green chemistry" have become staples in nearly every undertaking or conversation involving nanotechnology.  Is this change in mindset helping the community make progress in designing greener materials and processes, and supporting effective policy?  Is the promise of nanomaterials innovation for energy, security, medicine, and for resource conservation and environmental protection being advanced or slowed down by all of this attention?  It appears that, although many have embraced the principles of green chemistry and recognize the need for sound science to inform policy, reducing these principles to practice remains a barrier for most commercial endeavors.

On Sunday, May 1st, we will hold a GreenNano 101 workshop targeted toward new entries into the field as well as toward state and federal policymakers. GN11 will officially open with a dinner reception Sunday evening after the workshop with a plenary keynote speaker.

GN101: What do policymakers and regulators need to know to advance greener  nanotechnology? Located at Hotel Valencia Santana Row 

This workshop is designed for policymakers, industry, students, researchers or those new to the field and interested in learning how the principles of greener nanotechnology can be applied to provide opportunities for innovation.
REGISTRATION IS FREE but required for 101. Click HERE for registration .
Our opening plenary speaker, Sunday evening will be Dr. Stanley Williams, Senior Fellow at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and founding Director of the HP Quantum Science Research (QSR) group. He will discuss future expectations of nanotechnology and sustainable development in the next decade.

GN11: Advancing applications and reducing risk

GN11 will address challenges and opportunities for nanotechnology and delineate how companies can incorporate green nanotechnology into its products and processes. We will focus on two key research areas where reduction to practice has the most potential to significantly advance the field.  We will highlight state-of-the-art in materials synthesis and characterization challenges, and discuss biological impacts of nanotechnology.  We will kick off each session with overview/keynote talks followed by a session of “rapid fire” talks that delve deeply into the technical aspects of the subjects.

Plenary and Session Speakers
Greg Lowry, Deputy Director for CEINT and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Judy Glazer, Director, Social & Environmental Sustainability and Compliance, Ethics and Compliance Office, Hewlett-Packard Company

David W. Grainger, George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Presidential Endowed Chair and Departmental chair in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Professor of Bioengineering, University of Utah

Justin Teeguarden, Senior Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Keith Houck, National Center for Computational Toxicology, EPA

James Hutchison, Director of SNNI, Lokey-Harrington Professor of Chemistry & Associate Vice President for Research and Strategic Initiatives, University of Oregon

Robert Tanguay, Distinguished Professor of Molecular Toxicology, Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, Oregon State University

On Monday evening we will hold a poster reception, with emphasis on the following topics:
            • Greener nanomaterial design and synthesis
            • Advances in nanomaterial characterization
            • Greener nanomaterial production and manufacturing
            • Impacts and distribution in living systems and the environment
            • Commercialization and policy to advance nanotechnology

We will wrap up with a panel session focused on advancing greener industrial applications of nanotechnology.  This panel session will consist of a series of presentations and in-depth discussions.

Panel Session Speakers
Seth Coe-Sullivan, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, QD Vision
Jeff Morris, National Program Director, Nanotechnology Research Program, EPA
David Warheit, DuPont Haskell Laboratory for Health & Environmental Sciences
Sheila Davis, Executive Director of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
Hamid Saebfar, Chief, California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Sam Angelos, Vice President and General Manager, HP