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2007 Berry Health Benefits Symposium

June 11-12, 2007
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

The 2007 International Berry Health Benefits Symposium, June 11-12, 2007 at Oregon State University, focuses on the growing body of scientific knowledge which establishes that dietary intake of berries has a positive and profound effect on human disease prevention. 

This dynamic symposium offers excellent networking opportunities to those in the scientific community as well as food writers and health and wellness professionals.

The symposium allows attendees to:

  • Examine compositional elements and biochemical activities of berries and their relationship to the multitude of observed health benefits.
  • Listen to the latest research findings and discuss information paramount to developing new ideas and directions to expand knowledge bases.
  • Interact with fellow colleagues…frame new professional working relationships and further strengthen existing collaborations.
Important Dates:
November 2006
June 2007