Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Peter Marler:
Acoustic communication and learning.

Dr. Peter Slater:
A Tropical Perspective on Bird Song

Invited Speakers

Whitlow Au:
Detection and discrimination of fish prey by echolocating odontocetes- role of the swimbladder.

Andrew Bass:
Talking Heads- Ancestral origins of the vocal basis of acoustic communication.

Eliot Brenowitz:
Plasticity of adult avian song behavior.

Robert Dooling:
The effects of highway noise on birds.

Gunter Ehret:
Acoustic Communication in house mice.

Richard Fay:
Sound source segregation in noise by goldfish.

Albert Feng:
Frogs communicate with ultrasound in noisy environments.

Tecumseh Fitch:
The evolution of mammalian vocal communication- Problem spaces and solutions.

Kurt Fristrup:
Estimating the costs of lost auditory awareness and habituation to noise.

Peter Narins:
Environmental influences on the evolution of communication systems.

Kazuo Okanoya:
Song complexity in Bengalese finches- From ecology to molecules.

Arthur Popper:
Effects of human-generated sounds onfFish.

Denise Risch:
Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary acoustic environment 

Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell:
The relative role of vocal and seismic communication within a multi-modal communication network in the African elephant bull (Loxodonta africana).

Ron Schusterman:
Language learning studies in pinnipeds- Sonic production and comprehension.

Andrea Megela Simmons:
Analysis of chorus structure in natural bullfrog assemblages.

James Simmons:
Matching of echoes to broadcast templates in bat sonar.

Joseph Sisneros:
Adaptive auditory plasticity in the vocal plainfin midshipman fish-getting in tune for the summer and its implication for acoustic communication.

AnnMarie Surlykke:
Intensity and directionality of bat echolocation calls measured in the field.

Terry Takahashi:
Auditory stream segregation by the barn owl.

Peter Tyak:
Compensation for noise and vocal production learning.

Sophie Van Parijs:
Using passive acoustic tools to understand long term reproductive ecology of the ice breeding bearded seal faced with a rapidly changing environment.

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